Last post wins


Are you trying to smash a little kid’s dreams?


Yes, especially since I can’t wall jump like Super Mario


I was playing Sonic 3 and one of my sister’s friends asked if Tails was evil because he kept following me.


When I was five, every time I beat a level on Super Mario World, I thought I lost because the screen goes black afterwards


I remember never doing well at any games. I don’t think I beat the first ghost house in Mario World, I never got past the Marble, Chemical Plant, or Hydrocity Zones (and I didn’t know Sonic & Knuckles existed or I would probably also be stuck on Flying Battery), didn’t beat Spinball’s Toxic Caves, and just gave up and cheated in New Super Mario Bros.


I completed Super Mario World

Apparently one day I was close to beating Super Mario Galaxy 2 with only one level left to go but gave up :confused:


I completed Zelda 2.


With or without a guide? Even with one it’s only challenging, but without one…


I completed breath of the wild today :D.
By Zelda 2, you mean the super difficult one on nes right?


Yes, Link’s Adventure on NES. No guide. I figured it all out on my own.


Wow nice! That one is tough.


I was never patient enough for those types of games lol


You should play The Stanley Parable and play the baby minigame for the ending

You must press a button to keep the cardboard baby from walking into fire…
…for four hours


I’m trying to get the Go Outside achievement (don’t play for five years). I last played it 9/19/16.


Did you get the achievement where you play for a whole 24 hour Tuesday (or whatever day it was) before you started on Go Outside?


No, I’m waiting until after.

Hopefully then my dad won’t be yelling at me about power usage and I can actually leave my computer in sleep mode when I’m not using it


Anybody want a hug?


Only if you remove those scissors or temporarily tape them shut


What scissors?

Those are my fingers :wink:


Well, “free hugs” from a person with deadly fingers is a little too suspicious.