Last post wins


They also spin, which I’m sure regular fingers cannot do


But they’re deadly.
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They’re not deadly if you belieeeve


I believe that the sun exploded 8 minutes ago.
Oh, wait. It hasn’t because there is still light outside.


You don’t believe hard enough


Haha nice knowledge there :slight_smile: I think it would take about 8 minutes or so for the light to disappear.

If the sun exploded though I think we would see some light as we were dying haha.

93,000,000 divided by 186,000 = 500 divided by 60 is 8.3333333333 but the distance we are from the sun varies because of our eliptical orbit, so it could be less or more.

On a side note why does it keep notifying me I got a reply for this thread when it’s just new posts?


Wow. I wouldn’t expect such knowledge on a forum about just being the last person to post.

Still Winning The Game 3


I was just bored. I’m pretty dumb about most subjects but space always interested me haha.


If Joe has five apples and Dave has three, what is the volume of the sun?


About 1,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 cubic meters.


Why not shorten it to 1.4(10^27) cubic meters?


Because then you can’t truly understand how big it is with just a single glance and I didn’t want to force you guys to have to do complicated math like that.


Hey, now would you look at the time? It’s my birthday


Well, it’s my birthday too. Happy birthday!


In a room of 23 people, there is a 50% chance that two people have the same birthday

In a room of 367 people, there is a 100% chance that two people have the same birthday


I fixed it into your intended meaning


Ah yes, clarity is a good thing to have


Well, clear water is much better than opaque water.


But VERY clear water is pretty bad


the “at least” isn’t really necessary