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But it’s necessary for people who really think it’s necessary


Wait do Scott and Chem have the same Birthday?


April Fools

Actually I’m not sure


82.1% of all statistics are made up on the spot



hey guys how bad is it to get wisdom teeth out? im getting mine out next monday
ive had 4 surgeries before but im terrified of needles


In my observations (internet sources), the average reaction for having wisdom teeth taken out was, “Satan punched me in the mouth”. That’s without painkillers though

Ask for painkillers

Never had wisdom teeth taken out so I dunno


They usually prescribe painkillers, afaik typically Vicodin. Your mileage may vary honestly. I’ve heard that some people experience a lot of pain. I didn’t. I think I took one dose of the medication and then after the first day I was totally fine and didn’t need them. After the surgery you will have holes in your gums for a little while and you have to take precautions not to let bits of food settle in them so they can heal properly. Honestly, keeping the holes clean was more annoying for me than the pain but again how much pain you’re in can really vary. I stayed home for a full week to let the gums heal, but if not for the annoying hassle of dealing with that I was actually capable of working. In fact I think I spent the week mostly trying to teach myself game programming.

Oh also yeah they’ll probably give you something to just knock you out completely. That means a needle but I remember it being really quick and not bad at all.


Yeah its spring break all of next week so I should have a nice long time to heal up. I’ll probably be studying for APs and playing Overwatch/League that day. Add me on Overwatch if you haven’t already-- starkly#11193. I feel like I don’t have all of you for some reason


I don’t have Overwatch, but I did set up a in case I ever do



I have it on Xbox One because my friend only has it for that and also my pc can’t run it :sob:
I’m SCOTT0852 on there though so add me if you want


I don’t have much time these days for videro grames.


Also my computer is a potato, I’m certain it won’t even run the game well :unamused:


I mostly use mine for games like AM2R, Sonic Adventure DX, and Sonic 3 & Knuckles in Kega Fusion.
And also other assorted Sonic rom hacks, of which I have 53.


That’s a lot of ROM hacks


wait but APs aren’t even that soon


They kinda are (first week of May) and it’s spring break so why not. Also I need all the help I can get for APES lol send me your study tips


Spring Break is going too fast :confounded:

Still, I can’t wait to go back because I have a thing in class being 3D printed :grin:


I’ve spent most of this week playing Zelda: BoTW on my new Switch, and now I pretty much just have to wait for the localized version of Puyo Puyo Tetris to come out, not to mention all the hype yesterday’s Nintendo Direct gave me.


Botw is amazing. Aside from a few minor side quests and shrines I have completed everything. Just waiting for the dlc to be released.