Last post wins


Bee flies

One of these is a wasp


Bee flies are cute. Wasps are evil.


Let me educate you on the anatomy of a wasp


See? They’re evil!


Yes, very much!

Bees are friendly :smile:


Unless you make them angry…


Well, when they sting you, they feel sad and guilty about hurting you and then die out of passion. Oh, those poor, friendly bees :tired_face:

But in reality when they sting you, their stingers get ripped off on tough human skin, and their guts fall out of their abdomen


Bees are friends.


This bee is especially strong



Still Winning The Game 3


Aunt bee is friendly. She will make you a pie before she makes andy’s and opie’s supper.


Just remembered, this bee is not friendly


It has been one year since my last dental check-up. Wow time flies


I’ll get my drills

Let’s see, how about my 12" diameter?


Actually… what happened to us being pirates?


I have read many posts and have found out it was mainly because of Pokémon

Oh yeah, and general conversation


Anyways, when do you think Marshadow will be released? It was revealed about a month ago.


I dunno, still don’t have S&M or a 3DS :sweat_smile:

plays Mystery Dungeon in the corner


Well, there’s a new model of 2DS coming out (what was it, the new 2DS XL?).
It’s the best option due to the faster processor for fewer frame drops (which were huge and frequent in ORAS as it wasn’t new 3DS optimized (but that might have been due to having Primal Groudon in my team and 3D on)).


Yeah I know, I’m thinking of getting it but still might not get it anyway

Dialga went primal before it was cool