Last post wins


I dunno


Nah, I’d probably cause something horrible to happen on accident


None of you guys have claimed captain, so now I’m the captain. Arrrrr.

Still Winning The Game 3


I wonder how the word “captain” came to be

Maybe it is who has “obtained the cap”?



It derives from Latin. Capitaneus, meaning “chief” in turn derived from Latin caput, meaning “head.”


Latin is cool, especially in binomial nomenclature


Livin’ La Vida Loca


We should plunder something

I have built this tooth revolver out of a bone, it has six chambers that hold six sharp canines as rounds


“Nothin’s gonna stop us now.
We’ll conquer the Seven Seas!
No one’s gettin’ left behind!
Get ready for a New Venture!”

  • A New Venture


Let’s create an eighth sea, we’ll be legendary


But how? Pretty sure it’s really impractical to take a bunch of water and put it somewhere for no benefit.


It’s not impractical, none of the other seven are either


Seems to me creating a sea would have more to do with placing land around some water than actually moving some water anywhere.


It’s still impractical.


What? You thought being legendary would be easy?


Well, no, but the sea won’t accomplish anything. It’s not practical.


What if we create a sea somewhere where there isn’t much water right now? Like Mars.


There goes my “every other post” streak

Sometimes the landlubbers have too much, we should create a new sea (even though 75% of the surface is water, we take it anyway)


Creating it will be our Legacy!


EOPS (Every other Post Streak) x2

LegacyofEightSeas :smile: