Last post wins


…well ok then.
EPS x1
Still Winning The Game 3



Swot x8 (times I have made Scott say something within the lines of “…well okay then”)


There’s no point to it, it just uses up disk space (although not much).
Still Winning The Game 3


I wonder where everyone else went?

EOPS x10


I’m here, and… I am the machine!


Then why aren’t you Level 3 of Sonic Spinball?


That reminds me, I need exploding bone launchers installed onto my mech. Can you help me with that, Scott?



Sure. But exactly why will these bones explode? Bones don’t normally do that.
EPS x1
Still Winning The Game 3


Presumably they are to be used as projectile weapons.


I put explosives inside the marrow



That’s cheating. Besides, what’s the point of using bones?
Still Winning The Game 3


Chem kinda has this whole skeleton theme going.


But why skeletons?
Still Winning The Game 3


Why not? I’m the pirate dentist king who is also a bone mage. I can fix teeth or expend their life, I can conjure bone-related powers using osteokinesis, and I still have those potions that melt your skin :wink:



I suggest a voluntary and mutually beneficial exchange. Scott can make the bone launchers for Chem. In return, Chem could offer money or a trade, like free skin melting potions or something. You know, capitalism.


If you find any fallen bodies, you can use the potions to “indestructiblize” their bones and use them as materials

Of course, you won’t be able to shape or break them in any way, so you can hire me to do it for free (with purchase of items from my bone accessory shop, potions are part of inventory atm)


(I’m not good at marketing, every aspect of my business strategy is subject to change)


Or, alternately, shape them first and we won’t need to hire you.
Still Winning The Game 3


I guess I’ll be the one collecting bones, “indestructiblizing” them and shaping them into parts, and, well, selling them if you want it?



what does eops mean


“Every Other Post” Streak