Last post wins


I think that makes it even funnier :joy:

EOPS x11


I finally understand what’s going on in this thread now :smiley:

Which program do you use to make those sweet pictures chem?


Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for iPhone. The version I’m using is discontinued

EOPS x12


Autodesk automatically makes me think $$$ haha.
I got a version of autocad from my last job and I believe it’s several thousand dollars. 7-10k maybe?

That’s cool I’ll check it out!

Edit: looking online it’s 4,000$ usd for 3 years. Not sure how or why I got a permanent copy


The new version of the app is free, but the in-app purchase allows you to access all features for $4.99

EOPS x13


Of course… I just spent all my iTunes gift card money on Monument Valley 2.



Hmm, I didn’t know they made a second game

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It only just came out. Also, apparently it has cloud saving as I went to replay it on a new device and found that my save transfered, which is also unmentioned in the original MV.


I’d probably just wait until it goes free (like I did with the first game)

EOPS x15


I didn’t realize the first one is free now. Probably doesn’t help that you can’t see the price of things you’ve already bought…


I meant free for a limited time

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Well, that makes more sense.


But still…

Everythin’s free when ye’r a pirate!

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I thought we were just law-abiding sailors who called ourselves pirates and wore cool pirate stuff.


Am I the only pirate then?

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I’ll join your crew, I’m a pretty sketchy person :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember, you were that guy who descended from the heavens and told us that the real treasure was friendship (as per my story)

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Anyone else see that Super Mario Odyssey trailer (specifically, the one from E3) and get really hyped?


I’m not very hyped for console/handheld games anymore since I’m so far outdated in them (Wii, DS, even GBA)

EOPS x20


Nobody has posted on this thread for almost a week.
Does this mean the forums are dead?