Last post wins


How do you guys have so many DVDs—I mean, gold?


After I buy stuff from you, Scott sneaks around back and steals the dvds back while you watch me eat insane amounts of food simultaneously. They are also counterfeit gold dvds made from pyrite.

You might want to invest in some glasses that lets you have eyes in the back of your head. :joy:

I might also be in the market for an item that helps me keep my big fat mouth shut. And still no pirate sumo garb?


A dual-layer blu-ray is about 10.6 dvds, can I pay with those instead?


So you’ve been stealing my gold? From ye own crewmates? Aboard the ship under Erenan’s name?
… Fair enough.

No, I don’t accept Blu-rays because they’re not gold.

New item for sale!
Tunicate’s Jaws - :dvd:3,750
Put it in your mouth, never speak a word again. This effect is permanent and cannot be removed. Can be circumvented by the ring of enamel


You know far too much pirate lore haha :smiley:

So I would need to buy 60 Tunicate’s jaws to never be able to speak again? The ring of enamel didn’t let me speak from any of my other new mouths, I’m confused. It would be nice to be able to speak from all 60 mouths, but not necessary I already speak out of my @$… butt anyway.

Have any new items? I’m now looking for new ways to be sneaky since you now know the master plan. I’m going broke over here. The prize money from the competitive eating competitions isn’t as great as I originally thought. Also eating hot dogs from 60 different parts of my body has earned me quite a bit of ridicule from my peers.

**shudders at the memories of the hot dog eating competition. **

IMPORTANT - just so you guys know, when you wear the ring of enamel you also vomit from every body part known to man and some that mankind doesn’t know of yet. You then need to brush your teeth… all 60 sets, or you will walk around smelling like bad breath. I ignored brushing the mouths on my feet thinking I could get away with it, but it hurts so bad to walk around when your feet have cavities.

There are a few other problems with the ring of enamel, but I won’t mention them here since this forum is PG/PG13 :joy:


You can take off the ring and reset everything, but you’ll probably leave a lot of filth in your body

New item for sale!
Anemone Pills - :dvd:400
Cleanses your body of impurities. Known side effects usually require buying a new bladder. Go to the bathroom before using. Bottle contains six pills

This ship is whack.


Oh and I forgot to get that 1200 dvd fish skull charm because I forgot to add it to ChemLPWShop.txt.
Here’s 114 gold-plated blu-rays. I hope you’ll take those.
Also, if you “reset everything” by removing the ring then wouldn’t there be no filth left?

Also, here’s a fun fact: If your password was ThisPasswordWon’tEverBeCracked it would take someone 27,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (aka 27 undecillion) years to get it through brute forcing.


scott’s password verified! Better start the long LONG countdown over. (The countdown to when you will need a new password it is).


…but that’s not my password… mine would take 4 days.
I need to improve my security.


Maybe Chem has an item for sale to help you out with that? Don’t feel bad, my work computer got stolen a couple years ago so I had to change my password. Now I can’t remember it because I haven’t used that email for over a year.


New item for sale!
Clamshell Headset - :dvd:80
Remember… everything.

I broke it, so I marked it down hard.


Are you accepting those gold-plated blu-rays? You never said you weren’t, so here’s 8 of them for that helmet. I’ll just duct-tape it back together.


But if it’s gold, it’s also worth as much as I intend them to be worth. I’ll need 80 of them for the headset


Why does the clamshell helmet give you good memory?


Also, it’s not a helmet. It’s a headset (but without a mic)


My passwords are usually strings of around fourteen characters, including upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters, like semicolons, ampersands, and dollar signs. I remember how to type them by touch, not by remembering the actual characters.


Hm, I do a similar thing with my passwords too, but with twelve for some reason. I even put in characters that require alt codes

New item for sale!
Leviathan Paper - :dvd:2,000
20 sheets in a pack, soak in seawater to reveal a map of your surroundings or fold into origami and your creations come to life


correct horse battery staple


Are you really vulnerable if you don’t have upper case and lower case letters, symbols and numbers?

My password is 8 characters long (because most places require 8 characters), its all lower case unless it has to have upper case letters, and it has numbers in it because a lot of places require it. I get irritated when sites make me use a different password than the one I’m used to. If I could make my password something like: “asdf” I definitely would.

I’ve never been hacked yet following the minimum requirements. Is it really necessary to get so complex? am I at a much greater risk of being hacked with my password than erenan is with his?


That is a battery staple.