Last post wins




But I have 2 questions:
How is the horse talking?
What is a battery staple and what does it do?


1. Magic
2. Magic; Magic


Ok, but what kinds of magic?


All kinds


I almost forgot, Happy Outwitters Anniversary Day :tada:


5 years ago today the best game in the history of mankind was released!! Happy ow day, thanks for posting about that chem! I never knew the date.


It’s been 5 years!? Wow. I would have completely forgotten about that if you hadn’t mentioned it.


I played the Wii in a car


Wii U? Or did you bring a tv in the car too? Haha


There’s a small TV in the car, I hooked the Wii (not U) to it


I’d probably just use Dolphin on a decent laptop


Best part was that it was Mario Kart


The Wii version? I think I still prefer the N64 one.


I’m talking strictly of passwords I use at work. The ones I use the rest of the time are not like that. Also, I do it more for fun than anything else.

But yes a password like “asdf” is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less secure than a string of fourteen random characters.


How did you know my password!! Now I have to change them all :p. Not one as simple as asdf but one with letters and numbers, upper case and lower case that is 8 characters long. Should I worry? I know adding in another single character can be huge but 8 characters seemed like it should be ok?


When I look down the list on the forums and see mostly my icon I feel awkward and like I am annoying rather than a helpful part of the community. I’ve had medical issues lately that often times leave me on the couch or in bed with my phone. I’ve been going from outwitters to the forums then to twitch until I get more ow matches I can play.

Does anyone know of any cool iOS games or other communities I can pass the time with until I recover?


This community isn’t about being helpful. It’s about hanging out and being friendly and Outwitters and stuff like that. I’m sure nobody here thinks you are annoying, so please don’t sell yourself short.

As for communities, I don’t really frequent any communities except for this one, especially since I recently had a dramatic falling out with the other community I frequented. Maybe a good question would be what are you interested in besides games? If you are interested in classic style point and click adventure games I would recommend


I’m mainly part of this community and the community for TF2


Why does nobody post after Chem sometimes?