Last post wins


he’s using psychological tricks in an attempt to win


Such as my evil Scrambler powers, persuading you into not posting after me


It’s just… Well… His posts are so boring you can’t really follow up from them.

Haha jk


Here’s more out-of-context old quotes because I felt like getting some.


New item for sale! Sold out.
Last Post Windsor Tie - :dvd:1,000,000
Always win at LPW. Currently owned by Chemoeum


It was Ralph Wiggum. I must have missed that post before.


Every time someone posts, they are stealing the tie from the person above, apparently



steals the tie


Steals the tie then stands on a chair and holds it above head so no one can reach it




Erenan must have yanked your chair from below


I like this tie. It’s very soft.


Don’t get used to it :wink:


Stealing is mean. I’d like to keep the tie, so thanks for giving it back.


No stealing on this ship!


But you just stole the tie

Also, they keep stealing my gold


I can post without stealing the tie. I am capable of doing that.


grabs tie and enters bombshell so that nobody can get tie


The tie is apparently warped to the person who last posted


an Abra shows up, grabs the tie, uses Teleport, and gives it to me