Last post wins


But now it’s back on my neck


Too bad, it’s mine now.


I’ll just wear this thing then

Chemoeum Tie - Not for sale
The wearer is Chemoeum


Too bad, the Chemoeum Tie is just a normal tie and not the Tie of Winning, which I currently have


It’s very easy to get the LPW tie though

Also, have my Chemoeum tie, I wonder what will happen if you wear it


Wait, I thought the Chemoeum Tie was just a normal tie… does it have some sort of different effect depending on the wearer?


Something within those lines


I steal the Chemoeum tie and drape it around my neck like a scarf. (bc idk how to tie a tie)


Well, now both the Tie of Winning and the Chemoeum Tie are mine because I took both of them.


I think I’ll take them both back now


I like them, please let me keep them


Ok fine, you can have the LPW tie, but you gotta be LP


I take both of them and burn them


Oh no, the LPW tie was flame-retardant!

But the Chem tie is ashes now


…but the Chemoeum Tie was really soft… I liked it.


Too bad


Time to bust out the Reanimation II lessons…

Boom! Chem tie is back from ashes! Thanks, alternative reanimation mini-lesson!


steals the incredibly soft Chemoeum tie because I liked it a lot


But it was a decoy



And I only took a decoy from you because you took the decoy from me and I wanted it back. I still have the Chem tie.