Last post wins


makes a new Chem tie


Well, technically since I made the original Chem tie, any Chem ties I make are basically original


Sorry Flarp, but for less confusion your Chem tie will be called the Flarp Tie now.
Also thanks for all 3 ties.


I think I’ll just wear these Chem pants :jeans:

And no, you are not taking them


takes your pants and you have your old pants on under them




Hey, no pantsing allowed


Looks like I need to use my Chem belt


Hey, this thread would have died otherwise. It’s almost happened multiple times and I’ve revived it some of those times.


If only it could die with me on the bottom


We need to bring more people back into this thread






where did @Flarp55 go


A place that is not these forums


I am here, as always


It’s my 4th anniversary on these forums, apparently. Also the new forums apparently know when I joined the old forums. So when I started on the new forums, I already had the Anniversary badge. Odd.


I think it just refers to the join date of the user, and those carried over from the old forums


How else would they track it?


A dumb way would be to track from the very start of the new forums, but then most of us would have the same anniversary