Last post wins


Everybody likes winning


And everybody includes me.


Winning is the name of the game, anyway




We keep going on and off with Last Pirate Wins


Let’s go back to it.ChemLPWShop.pdf (1.6 KB)
This may be useful.
Just change the extension to .txt because we can’t upload .txt files but there are no checks to make sure it’s actually a pdf.


The bombshell is the best pirate


If I ever update my shop contents, you might need to have some kind of Google Doc if you want to add m—Hey look, more shop stuff

Scatterdiver Suit - :dvd:5,000
Swim in the rain

Blue Iceburg Nails 16d - :dvd:24,000
Hammering one of these nails into a ship will gradually flip it over. Pack of 48


We need to stop stopping posting here.


We need to all stop posting here, after this post


Good luck with that.


We are ninjas


What if you aren’t a ninja?


Reminds me of this


If I see a listing on eBay for a buy it now item that sells new for $195 but it’s listed for $23.32 and the seller is in China and has no rating, is this probably a scam? (Description says the item is used but works perfectly.)


Sounds like a scam to me. If you want to buy it, don’t buy it outside of eBay because if it is a scam, you can work it out with eBay and they can get your money back. (Source: My mother)


Probably. Just set the filter to US Only. (source: been selling stuff on eBay since Elementary school, mom is basically a pro eBay-er and Craigslist-er)


eBay always reminds me of the starfish in Finding Nemo


I maked this

I call it “Oh No You Just Didn’t”

I actually made this with my new Surface Pro 4, which is a heck of a lot better than drawing with a phone. It’s amazing


Can you draw me a motivator at some point please?