Last post wins


del psyMessageHz


we’re in python now


sorry, I have no snakes or sneks of any kind on my computer


Yes you do


That’s on wikipedia, not my computer.
Search google for “snake” if you want snakes.


Or Python


no I meant the new snake they added to google
you can play snake by searching snake


I played it a couple days ago

Also, it is extremely easy to win at Tic-Tac-Toe


hey can someone else revive the thread next time? it’s getting boring being the only one who remembers this thread.


Don’t forget about me :upside_down_face:




Great, now there are two people trying to revive.


Have you already forgotten about me?


I’m not actively reviving but can I win anyway


Three people, maybe?

I’m not an active reviver because I’m trying to kill it with me being last


It’s pretty much the general conversation thread. You can’t exactly kill that.

Anyways, here’s something 100% unrelated.




Oo did you just get that Scott?


nope, just a pic from the internet
I have no idea where to get anything japanese like that
here’s something else from the internet


How about Japan?