Last post wins


Here’s a good one




Sounds like we need something waaay better


wow, a blank white screen
…is there supposed to be something? I’m not seeing it.


Hmm… weird. Gonna try that again


My wife just told me she has an earthquake drill in like five minutes and I responded “okay GLHF”


Real earthquakes do require a lot of luck and a little fun


Are there any true synonyms?

I used to doubt every answer I came up with.

But then I realized I am satisfied with one answer: “puke” and “barf.”


Sounds more like two to me


The two words collectively make up one answer. They are true synonyms, or so goes the claim.


They’re still different words though. They are different, however slight.


It’s weird how English has many different words for the same thing


It’s so we can be very specific when we say chartreuse instead of yellow-green or green-yellow


Those early English guys just loved to steal roots from other languages


It’s much easier to borrow premade words rather than making your own language as long as you change up stuff a bit so it’s easier to say


We need something to talk about, let’s bring this back



Do you think that there is life on other planets? If so, do you think their genetic data is also in DNA?


that’s not what I meant but ok
Is there life? Probably.
Do they have DNA? Probably not.
They also probably don’t breathe oxygen or possess the capabilities to communicate with us in any useful way.


I wonder what their plants would produce if they didn’t breathe oxygen

Or if they produce it themselves or by some other type of organism


Probably another organism. If they breathed out what they needed to breathe in, why breathe it out at all?
Either that or they just don’t have to breathe, which would be pretty neat.