Last post wins


In the future, machines will breathe for us anyway


also anyone remember when we were pirates? Why’d we stop?


We stop often but we also come back


I’m constantly thinking about pirates.


New item for sale!
Hydra Necklet - :dvd:12,000
Lose your head, gain two more. If necklet falls off, you’re done for. It’s a poem

Item can be used to resurrect those who did not wear this necklet prior to their beheading as well


I’m writing more Captain Arrrrenan for NaNoWriMo.


I’ll get the flesh-melting skeleton potions


How have we gone a week without posting here?


Goldfish Metronome - :dvd:5,000
Activate to Forget


why is chemoeum always the last one when there are dry spells


I’m not sure how there could be any dry spells to begin with

Unless I’m the only one checking this thread every single day


i certainly don’t check it every day


Dot King was the first Doomfist


it has been too long, so here’s a thing


I’d say a year would be too long, we should wait until then


Doggo with his egg


Not as good as doggo with a pineapple

I should have saved that… oh well, find it yourselves


Why are they even called pineapples


They’re fruit like apples & spiky like pine trees


I’m sure the same explanation could apply to grapefruits, but it’ll probably sound a little dumb