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I heard Odyssey’s gameplay was too short, is that true?


Lmao no but I haven’t finished the game. There are like 3 stages of the game, the first stage which “completes” the game I think ppl are speedrunning in about an hour, but after that stage there is still a ton of gameplay, I played through around 1/2 of the first stage in a night (6~ hours) but could have taken longer or shorter and the other stages take longer


It’s a collectathon game. You can get to the ending cutscene by only completing around 1/7th of the game. (124/880 unique moons are required to reach the final area).

Games like that are hard to judge about length.


Yeah, it’s just a few people have said so and I was just wondering. Good thing Mario games like their postgame shenanigans :upside_down_face:


I beat the game in a day, it’s pretty short.
But even now I’ve only collected maybe half of all the moons.
plus it’s fun to go back through and take pictures like that one and (this is in an endgame location with endgame clothes, so don’t look at it if you don’t want spoilers)

(he’s on the moon)


I have a bad habit of revealing spoilers

Good thing they don’t bother me


Well, since nobody’s posted it yet, please go to and call people to do things so you don’t have to deal with things li-
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darn i guess we can’t post now


What a shame


well, while there’s still net neutrality I need answers
what is happening in the background of this?

(that’s the least weird tumblr ad I’ve seen btw)


He wants that hi-tech pillow


but it can’t be high tech if it contains no tech


It probably could have been engineered in a way that makes it hi-tech, there must have been some type of technology embedded in it


but why would we need nfc pillows?


I have trouble sleeping on my regular pillow already


what would the nfc even do?


What is a nfc? :confused:


Near Field Communication
the tech was used in amiibos, a common use in android phones is to have a tag that you tap your phone to and it does something
also various payment methods use it too, if your phone has apple pay/google wallet (but not the samsung one, that one actually simulates a credit card & it’s pretty neat)