Last post wins


Hmm, didn’t know the term. Nice to know :ok_hand:


It’s pretty neat, I just wish more stuff used it
which is slowly happening, as that new mario cereal has some sort of amiibo functionality


Wait… Mario cereal?!


and you can scan it in Super Mario Odyssey and the game calls it "a delicious amiibo"
and it finds a power moon for you
from what I’ve seen, imagine lucky charms except it’s mario charms and it even finds power moons for you


I suppose it’s time for me to find this next time I go to a store


if you want to use this image then go ahead, that’s why I took it




you forgot the :star2:




yes, this hot chocolate is above room temperature
I’d show you except windows 7 has no way to take pictures for some reason


I had one earlier but with the big marshmallows that barely fit the cup :yum:


I love hot chocolate. My kids don’t like it, so I make it for them anyway. This way, when they inevitably don’t drink theirs, I get to have three cups. But then it’s more about being responsible and not wasting food than about being a greedy gluttonous glutton.


You should buy bigger cups too


Listen, my bust size is none of your business.




Hahahaha! jk obvs

A bigger cup is a great idea. But I usually use a mug.


Gotta get a bowl with a handle :yum:


hey so if you don’t visit tumblr here’s a post showing off the 2 most recent memes
don’t ask how the old Rudolph movie became a meme, I couldn’t tell you


I found Tumblr to be…