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This place is a lot nicer


tumblr has this too though
it’s not all garbage


That is very heartwarming indeed :yum:


WinXPSetup.mid.pdf (112.5 KB)
I played around with file converters & made this garbage out of the Windows XP setup music, just remove the .pdf at the end because you can’t upload midi files here


Random question: for those that do not live in California, to what extent do you use the word “dude”? Here we call everyone/everything dude but is that not the same in other states/countries?


I’m in southern California (near LA), and we almost never say “dude”.


People sometimes say “dude” here. I assume it means the same thing everywhere


I was going to say I’m in SoCal and don’t really hear or say “dude” much, but I think I probably just filter it out and don’t notice it.


I wonder how the word “dude” even came to be


I’m just going to put these here
healthy vs distressed

you cant teach a rock to shake hands

praise your rock


Is this a taste of Tumblr again?


Nope, but I’m sure you’ve heard of it. I’ll let you guess what it is. All I’m saying is it was a fad sometime in 1975.


No idea, I thought this was just about the right level of weird you’d find on Tumblr


Is this the Pet Rock booklet? I love it


Still never heard of it. Is this a California thing?


In the 1970s there was a huge toy fad (similar to fidget spinners today) called Pet Rocks. It was just a rock in a box with a “care manual” but millions were sold across America



Now I want one :yum:


Congrats Legacy, you win! Here’s a free reaction image because why not:


Not a reaction image but

Kawaii scrambler is back as pixels and is also moving