Last post wins


Reminder: dihydrogen monoxide has a higher pH value than all other acids, is a main component of acid rain, dissolves iron, is used as radiation shielding in nuclear power plants, can lead to death if inhaled, and is found in almost everything. Make sure not to ingest it!


Wait, isn’t ingesting it actually helpful? :thinking:


No winner!? Winner winner chicken dinner!


Only very short-lived winners here


You were only a winner for 3 hours and 1 minute.


What a coincidence, so were you :smile:

(Totally didn’t wait just for that)


This thread is like the halting problem kinda.


I think it’ll just go on until OML explodes


this happened


Certain Discord channels are also quite weird


Japan is weirder.


Especially their game shows


here’s a tumblr post, my cursor cat makes a cameo too


Is this time zone humor?


I don’t know what else it could be


Me neither ¯_(ツ)_/¯


anyways here’s another tumblr post


I got a Switch for Christmas, along with Odyssey


this happened


I just use it in my browser