Last post wins


I did this once


I don’t get it :thinking:


It’s impossible to get through that level in only 1:33


Is it possible with a lot of luck? :thinking:


It is possible with debug mode


Also it says act 1, but Sonic is clearly holding up two fingers.


I beat Mega Man 2 today.


:clap: :clap: :clap:
I think I got to somewhere in the endgame area when I played it in the Legacy Collection, I haven’t gotten to the boss rush part yet




they remade 1-6 in a new engine & ported it to everything except wii u (even the 3DS! the Switch is getting it too)
I played it that way, it was cheaper than getting them all separately on the 3DS eShop
also the collector’s edition came with a gold Mega Man amiibo & that’s pretty cool too
there’s also a Legacy Collection 2, it has 7-10 but doesn’t let you savestate like LC1 did D:

Important: Don’t confuse the Legacy and Anniversary collections. The Anniversary one was the old one for the Gamecube/Xbox with a bunch of input lag, the Legacy one is from 2016 (I think) and is better than playing the originals in emulators because of things like the challenges & achievements.


I played it in Virtual Console on my Wii.


Why does that Sonic look more like a blue Knuckles?


Maybe you’re not wearing your glasses?


I’m actually not



It looks like a blue Knuckles because it is a blue Knuckles.
He is blue because the game thinks that he’s Sonic, but for some reason the game also calls him Tails.


And “threw” is misspelled


I imagine there would have to be a blue Knuckles sprite for that to happen though


Therefore, there is a blue knuckles sprite.


That’s not exactly how palletes work though. There is a single Knuckles sprite, which can receive different palletes. The colors just happen to line up between Sonic & Knuckles, so you don’t get something like tan fur and blue eyes with red pupils & green gloves.


Sonic and Knuckles are the same person though. Knuckles is kind of like the Tyler Durden of the Sonic universe. I mean, he even punches and stuff.