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I wonder what they would even need palette swaps for if they didn’t want characters to have different colors. Does the game have features that allow them to be in different colors?


Nope, just blue Knuckles. But a rom hack or game genie codes could easily do that.


A genie would probably give you sneaky unpleasant side effects though so I probably wouldn’t waste one of my three wishes on something so frivolous.


But a game genie might be different. Beat him at Mario Kart and he’ll give you an honest wish, right? :ok_hand:


Kirby Star Allies, 2017


FEZ, 2013


also this was a thing once


Did you guys ever play the Sega Genesis Jurassic Park game where you could play as either Dr. Grant or as a velociraptor? Wow, I loved that game. (For some reason.)


I wonder if Sega could ever start making new consoles again


I also did this once
I don’t remember how


Knuckles is red this time


And he has a cold.






Nice new pic :ok_hand:


it’s my picture for almost everything else so I decided to put it here too
I remembered about it when I posted the gif version


I have a different pic everywhere




Roses are red, Christmas is annual,