Last post wins


I got Super Paper Mario a couple days ago.

It has been a nostalgia trip.


I’ve been playing the Thousand Year Door again recently, mostly so my sons can watch me play it and marvel at how great I am at video games.


It’s amazing that at least two of us have been playing an older Paper Mario game recently


It’s kinda like how if you get 25 people together in a room, you’ve got about a 50/50 chance at least two people will have the same birthday.


I should really get around to playing Paper Mario for the N64. I never got far in Super or thousand year door either, although that last one is due to a poorly coded emulator on my once-terrible PC & I have better options now.


Anyone know how the newer Paper Mario games are? The older games sound more superior because I never hear anyone talk about the newer ones


I haven’t heard good things about Sticker Star and I haven’t gotten very far in Color Splash.


My brother says they aren’t as good. My 6 yr old watches them on Amazon Prime and enjoys them.


Some magical paper-themed pirate items, I suppose.

New items for sale!
Papyrus Sail - :dvd:1,500
Use on any ship to turn it thin and undetectable

Origami Compass - :dvd:14,000
Fold space and move to any treasure map location. Requires a map

We’re always on and off with Last Pirate Wins, apparently