Last post wins


I got Super Paper Mario a couple days ago.

It has been a nostalgia trip.


I’ve been playing the Thousand Year Door again recently, mostly so my sons can watch me play it and marvel at how great I am at video games.


It’s amazing that at least two of us have been playing an older Paper Mario game recently


It’s kinda like how if you get 25 people together in a room, you’ve got about a 50/50 chance at least two people will have the same birthday.


I should really get around to playing Paper Mario for the N64. I never got far in Super or thousand year door either, although that last one is due to a poorly coded emulator on my once-terrible PC & I have better options now.


Anyone know how the newer Paper Mario games are? The older games sound more superior because I never hear anyone talk about the newer ones


I haven’t heard good things about Sticker Star and I haven’t gotten very far in Color Splash.


My brother says they aren’t as good. My 6 yr old watches them on Amazon Prime and enjoys them.


Some magical paper-themed pirate items, I suppose.

New items for sale!
Papyrus Sail - :dvd:1,500
Use on any ship to turn it thin and undetectable

Origami Compass - :dvd:14,000
Fold space and move to any treasure map location. Requires a map

We’re always on and off with Last Pirate Wins, apparently


Hello. Just swinging by to mention that I am, as of now, currently winning.


Well, there goes my month in victory :sweat_smile:

Also, hi again!


It’s me
I’ve been wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet
To go over- ah-
How it used to be?
When… we were younger… then… and older now
Tired of the differences… um

You know chem, someone else might eventually want to win for more than 4 hours. Just sayin’ :eyes:


I suppose :thinking:


me when nobody posts here for a month and then there’s 4 posts in a day:


I let someone win for a week for a change


aw, I wanted to actually win…


It’s pretty hard to win LPW


Then how did you win for a month?


I won for a month, but I still lost

I guess it’s pretty easy to win LPW (just winning), but hard to keep that win (actually winning)


Alrighty, time to steal your win.