Last post wins


And so the wheels of LPW turn as it was destined to for eternity


I haven’t logged on in ages. I just want to win.

Also I haven’t really been playing any OML games recently but if anyone wants to chat hmu on Discord @starklyy#3137


Welcome back :smile:


well, I got a discord if you want to join
it’s basically dead, but aside from that it’s a decent server


Hi there




It must have been mentioned before (no, I’m not going through this thread to check), but since a new post also bumps this thread to the front-page of the forum it’s going to be hard to win.
This also creates an interesting strategy: after posting here also post in a few other threads to hide this one again. This also means that the the initial goal of Leaf_It is expanded to other threads; it keeps some of them alive :slight_smile:


I did a thing on my phone


Geometry Dash is fun but Robtop’s really bad at promising their updates


it’s been a while since I played gdash actually, all I remember is subzero had some really neat stuff so I got a special apk to play around with that stuff in the level editor in bluestacks but then had no idea what anything was


yes it was one of the expansions of Warcraft Three. My cousins were really into DoTA in WC3. They ended up getting the DoTA original and a little DoTA2.

They played me, they whooped me multiple times. ATT I was trying to get into WC3 competitive play. Apparently now a days its all about SC2 and their three expansions that blizzard made.

Do I win?

More relevant topic what kind of phone games do other people like to play. I play a little of Clash Royal but just Outwitters and Clash Royale thats it. Are there other games I should be playing?


I couldn’t tell you much about mobile games, I only use my phone for discord, youtube, and web browsing.


Winner winner, chicken dinner.


It’s a shame how even the most active thread on the forums hasn’t been posted to in 3 months…


I decided to let someone else win and this is supposedly the result


it’s boring when that happens though, I mean it’s been 3 months, people would probably be mad at you for necrobumping if this wasn’t the largest thread on the whole forums.


So… anyone else excited for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?


Not excited, but it was fun watching stuff get revealed


nice try


nicer try