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There was once a time when the peacueful white arrow lived in piece and silence in his own world, but all of a sudden, these deadly red dots appeared.

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They envied the arrow for his pointy end, since they were round in nature.


The arrow found him self surrounded quickly with little chance of escape.


The dots quickly closed in for the kill.


The closer they came, the more fear he felt.


Luckily for the arrow a handy nuke was nearby.


But one nuke was not enough to destroy the horde, Arrow decided to do the unthinkable and enter a nearby vortex and let fate guide him to safety or death.


Gladly, as the dots and items flew by, he managed to get ahold of a shield, so the danger wasn’t as urgent as before, but he realized, he still was in the middle of a vortex with a lot of those angry red dots coming in.


He charged with his shield into the vortex and as his head cleared from the space time continuum disruption he found him self point to face with a giant cuddly looking bear.


But then, he thought “damm it”, as he found himself on this green surface again with all those pesky red dots, but there was a small path towards the nice spike shield


With all the tilt he could manage, he sped towards the Buzz Saw(spike shield), using up his green shield in the process.


However, he didn’t get there in time and lost his multiplier…


Frustrated by the loss of his multiplier, the arrow swiftly tilted into the buzz saw item, coating himself in a shield of spikes


However, the ensuing slaughter of red dots failed to quench the rage about his lost multiplier and he vowed to rack up an even greater multiplier this time.


He searched for a new item to pick up, but the red dots were already closing in again, assuming an arrow like formation to charge at him.


Using his ninja like “dance” skills, he weaved between them with ease, finally arriving at a nuke, just in time to save his current multiplier.


With his multiplier at hand, the arrow was faced with a difficult choice; go for the perforator turret in the distance that could end his multiplier, or take the near by bubble shield that was heavily defended by the horde of red dots.


Our intrepid arrow decided to go for the perforator turret and lose his multiplier (again); it wasn’t a particularly high multiplier anyway.


During this short time of reprieve in the turret, our hero contemplated the nature of this conflict and his role in it as well as life, the universe and everything.


The dots were starting to make fun of him by playing air hockey style ping pong, but he knew how to defend himself.