Let's play a game: Every user posts JUST ONE sentence


The arrow hears, “Super Hexagon, Begin!”


By pure instinct the arrow started dodging the walls that were coming up incredibly fast.




Ummmm what?


(Note: 2 sentences)

The arrow was able to dodge the walls and survived. But suddenly he found new weapons around him and a dot bomb.


After some more dot murdering, red lights flashed, and the arrow was faced with a giant monstrosity. What was it? Where did it come from?


It was a Dot Boss!


Targets appeared, and the arrow tried to make his way to them but was blocked by a spiky bar.


He dodged the spiky bar & hit the targets, but, however, he then found himself in Code Red mode (TtL 2).


A torrent of dots surrounded him, giving no time to escape, where every corner, every wall, everywhere the dots had taken over… I said “had.”


But then he found a handy nuke.


But that didn’t stop the endless maelstrom of darts. The arrow saw another nuke, but there was no way to get to it except through a very narrow opening in the storm of dots.


The arrow was carefully maneuvered by a skillful player, but skipped the nuke for a Disguise.


Suddenly all the dots ran away from the arrow, and the arrow felt lonely.


So the arrow ran very close to the wall & saw Wall Runner X2 appear and decided to raise his multiplier when he saw a Dot Skewer.


Then the seams of the Disguise had fallen out, so several dots had turned back, combined themselves with a Spike Shield orb, and became a Dot Spike Shield boss.


The arrow saw 3 targets & hit 2 of them while aiming for the 3rd.


The arrow makes a mad rush for the last target, but the target swerves away in time.


The blades of the Dot Shield strike away from above the arrow, and the arrow avoids it in an attempt of its speedy pursuit for the target.


In a blind rush, the arrow hits the target. The boss explodes, but the arrow avoids all the shrapnel.
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