Let's play a game: Every user posts JUST ONE sentence


The arrow looks around to see what is next.


It was just a normal brigade of dot walls about to close in.


Luckily, there was a handy Hungry Shield (green TtL 2 shield)
nearby. (Sorry, accidentally hit post, just a continuation).


The arrow had eaten up all of the dots, then broke the fourth wall to Scott so he could tell him that he can edit posts.


But the dots were stuck at the edge of the screen, and accused the arrow of playing unfair.


Chemoeum: thanks, I’m new to the forum.

Story: Suddenly, the black arrow appeared and got in a turret.


The realization of two different worlds colliding; a white arrow with a ball foot and his dark friend, and a white arrow with a diamond foot who played alone, soon to team up and use an arsenal of perforators.


The arrow contemplated the existence of the universe and parallel universes as it tilted to reach its twin…


The trio created a fort made of a Burnicade blast which kept dots from entering.


And then, inexplicably, diamonds started flying out of the dead dots.


The arrow dodged the diamonds, and as it was about to meet its twin, a perfect disguise appeared between them. They both hit it at the same time, and inside the disguise they merged into one.


The disguise broke, and they had turned into…


Grey arrow, who could use each power up twice in 2 directions!


With the newly formed Grey Arrow, it had the ability to use a new orb – the Multicolor orb, which split the Grey Arrow into twelve arrows of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, lime, green, seafoam, cyan, cobalt, blue, purple, magenta, and pink.

(Imagine, a pink arrow!)


All of the arrows then called on the Scallywags, Feedback, Adorables, & Veggienauts from the app next to them and then encountered a glitch: EVERY BOSS IN TTL 2 TWICE ON THE SCREEN AT THE SAME TIME (it didn’t crash since they were on an iPad Air)!


A Veggienaut called on the unimplemented teams for help, the Wah-Kapooie, the Woken, and the Frosties (and possibly some fan characters made by me, and some made by Seth Rutledge), making them overpowered, but still not over by numbers.


But they encountered a problem: There were no spawn/wit spaces on the board!


Actually, it wasn’t a board, & the Outwitters only brought 5 wits!


Every five seconds, another five wits are delivered to each race.


All of the dots were destroyed, and the game crashed.