Let's play a game: Every user posts JUST ONE sentence


And grey arrow and the outwitters were cast into an endless void.


They landed on the folder that their apps(Outwitters, TtL HD, & TtL2) were in, and couldn’t decide which one to go into.


They decided to go to the future and enter an app that OML has not released yet, except they couldn’t because in the present, no one knows what it is, so when they entered, it was dark and scary and uncoded.


But then they found some new friends(Outwitters 2?).


The temporal warp had corrupted time, and they went back in time… into 2010, where everyone was in the good old-fashioned first Tilt to Live, and the grey arrow splits back into White Arrow, Black Arrow, and New Arrow, and White Arrow discovers his true name – You.

(Please check the How to Play in Tilt to Live 1.)


Black arrow, jealous of white arrow, decides to go on a quest searching for his own name.


On that quest, they found a medic.


The medic had all of their confidential medical records, including their names.


But a runner killed the medic.


In a violent rage, Black arrow got into a perforater turret and killed the runner for a free wit.


Black Arrow was led to a spotlight announcing that the next person to post claims the 100th post, but Black Arrow perforated the announcer, who was also a soldier (guess which race).


And Black Arrow claimed the 100th post!


Black Arrow wondered about who the imposter is.


But there wasn’t really an imposter! It was actually himself. He had learned how to type somehow, and had registered and claimed the 100th post!

(BTW it was me)


Black Arrow wanted an avatar so badly…
But he didn’t have enough posts.
BTW, Bbobb555 is awesome.


And then a temporal time paradox whisked them back into the year…

Ok no one said the year sooooo



They found themselves on a Samsung Galaxy S5(a very new phone, seriously it’s out) this time and wondered what happened to the iPad Air they were on.


They pointed to the nearest port that led them to an iPhone 20 from the future, but an Android had captured them!


And then they looked at the title. Something was weird. It was… TTL 6!


Except it wasn’t tilting; it was MIND CONTROOOOOOOOOL