Let's play a game: Every user posts JUST ONE sentence


The Scrambler’s technology was used to make the phone, so in the not-so-distant past, the Scrambler was imprisoned for study, and everyone had to save it.


Except it was a different scrambler, an unknown, aggressive breed of scrambler, coloured the dreaded colour BLUE!!!


Luckily there was a red scrambler who turned the blue scrambler purple(red + blue)


But then another blue scrambler scramble chained the other scramblers!


And the last scrambler in the chain jumped next to Black Arrow… and turned him blue!


Now Blue Arrow was the name, and White Arrow was trying to restore him, but to no avail, and took him to where Black Arrow was forged.


The player spawned in medics to try and treat blue arrow, while scramblers guarded the medics.


Luckily, the wrench is knocked out from the fall, AND there just happens to be a wrench-proof sack, just the right size for the wrench.


Unfortunately, the wrench had stolen most of Black Arrow’s powers, which is the ability to use orbs.


So as he charged at the nearest ‘convince developers are telling the truth orb’
(in TtL 6, remember the time travel? ), black arrow bounced off the orb!


So Black Arrow needed to fuse with White Arrow to form Grey Arrow again, and found a multicolor orb from post 82.


And quickly, so Chemoeum could post his 1,500th post on this thread!


But he bounced right off the orb AGAIN. He got really mad at the wrench for taking his orb powers. But then Chemoeum came in and…


Grey Arrow used the power of Chemoeum’s 1500th post… for a powerful 12-color split, capable of using great powers to defeat the wrench, and saving all of One Man Land!
Dammit Bbobb, you ninja’d my alternate ending.


That is, saved all of One Man Land except Sharkfood Island, which is still just as hard to play on. Since Chemoeum went over 1500, Black Arrow lost his powers again. And the wrench’s family wanted revenge!


White Arrow and New Arrow gave up their orb-use abilities to Black Arrow, but, White Arrow, without his power, he started to die.
Seriously? I start to add to your alternate story, but then you added to MY alternate story! Haha


Black Arrow used the “Give Powers” orb then to give White Arrow back his powers.


“Thank you for saving my life, but it was more important you defeat the wrench, for I may not just die from the drainage of my powers, but also the attacks by the dreaded wrench.”


“Okay! Let’s go find another orb to help us battle the wrench family!”


Then they found a Big Heavy Nonliving Anvil orb and decided to use it before Wrench woke up (because he only fainted).