Let's play a game: Every user posts JUST ONE sentence


Wrench, having known orb powers are being used, he wakes up and uses his newly stolen orb powers.


First, he takes the orb and stares deeply into the glowing aura of the orb.


The orb was not like any other orb, instead was bound by all orbs.


The orb had an arrow on it, and the wrench despised the arrow so much…


The orb’s power was magnificent, it was blinding, it was erratic, it was very OP…


So OP, that the wrench went slightly insane with power…


Suddenly, the wrench threw purple energy waves, treaded a powerful fiery path, shot a molten brimstone, and was equipped with a burning laser, as well as much more.


But black and white arrow spotted a strange looking arena Westward (which was soon known to be the brimstone pinball arena) and they went full tilt towards it.


They challenge the wrench, who eventually was wielded by the great Baron Brimstone, in order to create deadly pinball bumpers.
Hey, it all makes sense!


Except the arrows had brought lots of brimstone orbs since they saw the blog post about this new form of pinball.


The arrows then combined all of the orbs to create a new orb, the Dot Destroyer orb, which was all of the powerups combined into one, and used 99 times each.


The devs thought it was too OP, and tried to cut it out of the game, but it was too powerful, too powerful even for Adam, even for Alex.


So the arrows changed the likelihood of it spawning to 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001, and defeated Baron Brimstone and the Wrench by using the only Dot Destroyer orb in the whole TtL 2 land, except then TtL 2 crashed because of the immense power of the orb.


Will anyone else continue the story?


Because of the crash, the Orb was used up and it did nothing, forcing the Arrow to find other means of ridding the world of Baron Brimstone and the Wrench.


But Baron Brimstone had crashed too, but only on that device, since lots of other people bought the DLC/update with DLC, which meant they had to do something else with the other app content that wasn’t even OML stuff.
(Maybe something with FTL or PvZ or MCPE? Just suggestions.)


As it would show, the baron ended up in the app of Plants versus Zombies!


He started burning up all of the plants, and all the red dots that had come with him infected the zombies, turning them into dot zombies.


But the plants created Gatling peas with torchwoods and tall nuts and they were too strong for the zombies


And then Dark Ages part 2 came out (PvZ 2!), so they retrieved some Pea-Nuts and loads of Plant Food and powerups, but then a time portal open to the future, and future zombies came out.