Let's play a game: Every user posts JUST ONE sentence


Some of those zombies looked like Feedback soldiers, since they used to be fellow Outwitters enthusiasts until their decease.


Oh no, the zombies had gotten their own hypno shroom, the scrambler!!!


The scrambler tried to summon Blue Arrow (from that time that arrow got scrambled), but Adam and Alex tried to stop Blue Arrow from escaping in order to fix him.


I thought that Blue arrow became Black Arrow again…

Anyways, The new obstacles from TtL Gauntlets Revenge suddenly came out of a portal, causing the future to become Arropolis Mark II.


But then, suddenly, the plants all decided to convert all their pocket money into plant food and started absolutely wrecking all the zombies. Dot zombies. Zombie dots. Feedback zombie dots??


But the Feedback dot zombies were too strong… Nearly all hope was lost, but then iOS 8 came out and the arrows used a computer from the future(they are in the future level pack of PvZ 2) to make powerful weapons with the Metal running-environment-thingy and make them small with Swift(watch the keynote)and continued wrecking the zombies.


Suddenly a portal appeared. Black Arrow entered the portal, and suddenly, he was back in the regular TTL world!


And he was disappointed that they still hadn’t added any new content.


And then the red dots mauled him to death.


But the SFT chef cooked them all and served them on Planet Legacy 8.


But then music began playing and the chef began to do the “Breaky Bounce”


The incident prompted a stop at a nearby planet called Agon, the major planetary landmark hosting the Hex Gambit


Then a red dot appeared, apparently a stowaway.