Little example in veggies ~


I want to show this example of how beat scally with veggies, I don’t be a expert but I feel good, when I beat a scally that want to use many bombashells ~


Awesome job man. You seem like you put a lot of thought in to this match and care about the game. you made some good moves, but some not so obvious mistakes were made as well. I don’t know if you want advice or not, but I’m giving it anyway haha.

On turn 13, you used a lot of wits and threw a lot of units at the enemy to kill a sniper that he didn’t really need anyway. You lost 9 wits worth of units (should have lost 10) and he lost 11 seems reasonable at first glance but it goes deeper than that. He did not spend 8 wits to get that sniper there, He spent 3. I would count it as 8 because that’s how much he would need to spend to replace it but in this situation he didn’t need it there, it’s only purpose would be for defense and he had 2 bombshells at that point.
To be fair you didn’t know he had the bombshells there (I think) but you could have guessed that it was a strong possibility he at least had 1 there based on what you could see.

You spent 3 wits to get vines in position to kill the sniper and 1 wit to attack it. You could make a case that you want vines up there sooner or later anyway, but I’m only counting the wits for the vines that are in danger.

I wouldn’t try to take a wit spot away from someone like that unless I had units there to harass and hold the spot, or I I was attacking full on and I needed them to have 1 less wit to counter with.

if you just wanted vision that’s understandable, taking the wit wasn’t a horrible decision, it could have been an even trade(?) it’s my preference to only take wits for a reason though. Some reasons = vision, harassment where you can come out ahead, or needing them to have less wits.

His counter was pretty bad, had you tried that vs a high masters or super titan, you would have lost the whole exchange badly.

Now, this is all pretty deep advanced thinking here, but to keep advancing you have to start carefully weighing options that might seem obvious but really aren’t.

I’ll stop here for now, if you want me to go through this match or any other match in depth, let me know. I’m happy to help anyone who wants help.


Nicely done, reminds me of this game where he had 4 bombshells at one point