Lost my username


Hey, I lost my username when I switched to the google play version from the humblebundle version. Is there anything I can do? @onealexleft

NB. The username I have used is not available


Are you making a new account?
If no, did your stats transfer?


I only updated the game with google play.


at the bottom of the login screen you should see “recover account”. it’ll use your google play username/account if it exists.


I am logged in to the same account, but when I updated I got the googleplay username istead of the one I have been using


so you’re getting the same stats/profile/games just the name has changed?


A little more than a year ago I changed my google play gamer ID.
But my ingame name didn’t change.
When I recently switched to the google play version the change that I made a year ago came in to effect.
Other players know me as Intimidation, I’d love to still have that as my ingame name if it is possible:) it is not available as a gamer ID
Thank you for your time:)


ah, ya the google play version will only use your google play username. If you can change that, it’ll be reflected in your profile, but otherwise you won’t be able to pick a name. sorry!


Ok, thank you:)
I was wondering if it then is possible to change my forum name?


If you go into your profile, then go to preferences, there should be a little pencil icon next to your username. If you don’t see that option, PM me and I can change it for you I think.


Same as Mem, I can change your username for you if you’d like


There is no pencil:/
Would be great if you could change the username to HansJoachimAa


There you go man :thumbsup:


Thank you:)