Man I’m playing like a gifted


Okay, so I played this game starting out like tricks to playing sweetie plans wasn’t going to work since my opponent was number one in gifted league.
I did make mistakes once when I gave away one of my soldiers to his heavy but that didn’t cost me the game I also at the end could have used my further away soldier to down thorns and used my closer soldier to hit the base making it known I had a backup if my one point soldier didn’t make it.


You should check out this guide made by cmss220, also the comments=)


Interesting game
There are many smaller mistakes everywhere, that add up to a lot.
Most of the easy to change errors i saw you do
Turn 10
You could have used one less wit to kill those two soldiers and prevented the 3 HP soldier to die for free.
By sniping the further away soldier and attacking the last soldier just out of sniper range, if the sniper moves closer to kill your 3hp soldier, you could kill it.
Turn 12
If you spawned a soldier instead of a runner, killing those two runners would have cost you 0 wits. You used 1 unnecessary wit and placed your soldier on a worse hex
Turn 16
You should have taking the wit bonus spot.

Except from turn 2 and 4, the rest of the turns were pretty good=)

If Cosh on turn 23 had killed your 4HP soldier with his heavy and a sniper and killed the 1HP with a thorn, and placed a runner on the hex between the heavy and the flowers, how would you win?