Meet the Brute


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Brute Concept

The last of our Early Access minions, meet the Brute! Compared to Outwitters’ Heavy class, the brute is still slow, but more durable and harder hitting. You’ll only have two to use in a match, so knocking both of them out as soon as possible will be a priority for your opponent. If you can keep one alive to the very late game, they get an unlockable speed boost called Doubletime to make them extra scary.

Another of their special abilities is called Toss, which lets them pick up a neighbor and throw them up to 2 spaces away, even over barriers. You can use it to move people up the field faster, or to get a pesky enemy out of your way.

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Will there be fog of war?


I hope it won’t have that, because it can get way more strategic then


Based on some of their prototype clips, I don’t think it will


Fog of war was cool for Outwitters when you play remotely, but it made it impossible to watch each other take your turns around a tablet. So you couldn’t really do couch play.

For Hex Gambit, we want you to be able to gather some people around and stay engaged, watch each other the whole time and be thinking about your next turn. The element of surprise is still there, but now it comes from the way characters move and their having multiple abilities. And from when you deploy your captain’s bonus.


You mean there won’t be any guessing?

Coming from years of experience with fog of war (Warcraft, Starcraft, wc3 and sc2) always ranked fairly high, I am partial to FOW. I enjoy the sneakiness and high risk high reward play style. Chess is a great game I enjoy a lot too though so I’m not too upset that hexgambit won’t have Fow.

To be honest, I always kind of felt bad for the heavy. The near sighted bastard child of the outwitters family.

@HansJoachimAa I’m wondering what you think about the fog of war? Your experience with chess contradicts my experience with fow games. I have a little chess experience, but not near as much as you.


I think FOW gives games more of a gamble. FOW lets players make bad turns (turns that loses the game if the opponent does the best move). Without FOW the best players would stop making bad turns as they loses them games.
I think no FOW makes it possible to play perfect turns and give perfect responses. It is impossible to play perfect turns regularly if you don’t have complete information.
The meta is a common term in games with FOW and it is quite important to know.
In games with no FOW you can ignore the meta and calculate your way to victory.

Based on that I believe that without FOW games will have a higher quality (closer to perfect turns).


Thank you for the insight, I agree almost completely. Personally I believe fog of war is just another aspect of the game that the players have to manipulate.

Sometimes you might get in to a position where you would attack if you think your opponent spawned a scrambler, or hold off if you think they got another soldier and banked wits.

What’s the best move? You have to either guess, or perhaps the best move is to play it safe. Not attack, but not put anything in range of where the scrambler could be.

Play the best move with the information you have. The best players in ow are the players that make fewest mistakes with the information they have.


I was a big fan of Outwitters when it came out and just discovered that things are getting serious about releasing a new game in this style.
Needless to say I’m very excited!


There is only one best move every turn. ( except in some situations were there are multiple equal ones) (this is about, when you don’t have complete information, which you often do)

Yes, there is a best move with the a set amount of information. But you can always know more.
Worst best move: You don’t know about the rest of the world, only the current game.
Second worst: You know the meta
Closer to the best move: you know the meta and everything possible about your opponent and can predict rather accurate what he will do.
Equal to no FOW: You hack your opponents phone or the game.

There is alot of research needed to get close to the best moves and you will miss sometimes.

It is basically impossible to do the best moves with FOW. Without, you have a chance.

I find that FOW adds dices to the game


I would disagree, it’s definitely not “dices” as in adds random. There is still always a best possible move even with FoW. The “best” just accounts for all the unknowns and picks the most likely to succeed.

Some of the fun of Outwitters was hiding units and creating that uncertainty, this was definitely a big part of high level play I would say.


I fully agree that FOW can make the game more fun. There are different best moves depending on how much information you have. But really there is one best move, and it is really hard and sometimes impossible to find because of the FOW.


That’s what I was trying to say. I think that’s why I prefer games with FOW.

I do enjoy sitting around playing games like chess though. Any chance you guys are releasing this as a board game? :p.

I don’t really see people huddled around an iPad playing a game. More likely they would pass it back and forth. For that reason will there be a replay feature on local games like there is in ow?

Hans, you said early on that you can get more strategic without fow, I completely disagree with that. I think adding in another element like fow makes a game 100x more strategic than a game with full vision. Luckily there will be abilities and such to counteract not having fow. I’m wondering why you think it’s way more strategic without the fog?

Not trying to argue with you just wondering what a chess player thinks. I know you said the whole thing about perfect moves, but could you elaborate a little more?


Large iPad Pro is a good table top board. Standard gets tossed around. And it is all about the game and how it is optimized to be played. Carcassonne does get lifted up occasionally but BADLAND never, not even on iPad mini.
Placing multiple iPhones on tabletop is fun with this game: Ultimate Shuffleboard by Peak Systems