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Our final minion to add during Early Access will be an alternative support character to the Motivator called the Pacifist. I guess “alternative” is the wrong word… you could put together a team with both! She’s a great addition for fans of Outwitters’ Adorables aesthetic, and for players that like “tricky” characters to catch their opponents off guard.

The premise of the Pacifist is to create a useful minion with no capacity to damage your enemies. Her main ability is Pacify, which completely disarms a target for one turn. No attacking, no tapping pillars. This is great for disrupting big plays; just strap a balloon to that Brute’s head and deal with him later. She also has a ton of HP, and the ability to donate that health to her allies with Hex Gambit’s only healing move! Her third ability is Resonance, which lets her tap crystal pillars for more than the usual 2 VP if you can set things up just right.

Hex Gambit is coming to Kickstarter July 25th! It’s a fantastic opportunity to save some money and improve the final game at the same time. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get email reminders when we hit big milestones, like the launch of our Kickstarter, Early Access/beta, and the official release.


Hello, i’m an old Outwitters player, I was saddened to see that Hex Gambit would not go out on mobile, but since the announcement on Switch I’m very hyped !
Now I can’t wait to play :slight_smile:

This new minion looks very fun to play, i love his design (It reminds me of Hollow Knight)

Allow me to ask a few questions.
The playground seems really small, is it the normal size or can we play on larger arenas ?

Also, I loved the colorful environments of Outwitters.
For the moment we still see the arena, other planned environments ?

I will be happy to empty my bank account on July 25th :smiley:


The different maps in Outwitters are a lot of fun visually, but we found that many of them have specific “best practices” that make your games play out similarly.

For Hex Gambit, we want to make the map matter less than the minions you choose and where you place them. One big change is that we don’t have your starting units set in stone anymore. You’ll get to place your first minions wherever you like on your side of the board, so every game is a unique puzzle from turn one!

We deliberately went for something small and open, giving you lots of options and angles. The small size ensures that you jump right into the action on your second turn. The game has a faster pace than Outwitters; you can finish an entire match against a friend in 10-30 minutes.

If there is time leftover, I’d love the chance to provide a few different arenas to choose from with different looks, maybe even different layouts. But if we don’t get that opportunity, the map you see in our marketing works really well with Hex Gambit’s particular movement speeds and mechanics. There isn’t really a “best way” to play it.


Yeah I think that additional maps would make for great (free?) DLC but shouldn’t be included right away.
The game in and by itself seems promisingly deep from what we know so far, and it will take a few months if not longer for people to figure out optimal configurations to beat popular meta tactics.

And just before the game feels stale, you release a new arena map to spice up the metagame a bit. Maybe people have been starting turtling - you create a map that’s more open. Maybe people have been running aggro - you create a map where the pillars are spaced farther apart.

It’s like Outwitters launching with only one map per faction, then surprise releasing more maps to fire up the hype. We win, and you win. And if a map doesn’t work - well, take it out again (unless people paid for it upfront).

Also… got me there:


We’ve been hinting at a new movement mechanic, but I don’t want to spoil it pre-Kickstarter (It’ll be demonstrated in the video). It’ll definitely help keep a single map from getting stale.


Thanks for infos, I have to be patient to understand completely your project :wink:

In the state, we can easily break the game by spamming blocks each turn with two Defenders :


I don’t think think we know enough to say if that’s possible or now. Blocks could be limited to one, they could cost resources to make this not sustainable, etc


some abilities, like blockade, have a cooldown (meaning they can’t be used in consecutive turns).


One humble request for a game mode: randomized minions and starting positions, both players get same minions and positions.


That’s a great idea tge.

I will be super impressed if they are able to make the game how they want to. They want different minion options to be viable and for the game to have less meta than ow. That will probably be very difficult. I’m sure there will be the standard minion choices to be able to compete (making the other minions not viable)

Having a random set up like tge suggested would be an awesome way to help negate some of the balancing issues that are sure to come up.


We’ve got a scenario further into our stretch goals that you’ll definitely like.


So all I gotta do is donate ten zillion dollars? Why didn’t you say so? :smile:


Ha! Well… Every game we make, our list of features that “would be really cool if we had time” is miiiiles long. Hopefully we get to add a few this time!


Yeah I gotcha


@onealexleft : Hmmmm ok, it changes everything ! :smile:
Finally the game is very different from Outwitters, more focused on managing the skills of the minions and the captain.

Too i’ve a small idea, some combinations of minions will certainly be more effective against others, which is why it would be interesting to see the opposing team in order to start and have the opportunity to change 2 minions to have a team more competitive.

(sorry for my bad english, i’m french :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )


That’s an advantage that only one player can have (or you’d both just be tweaking your characters back and forth all day).

We’re balancing the minions to be interchangeable, so if we see a truly dominant combination we’ll be tweaking some moves or values to even it out (just remember that popular does not equal dominant). We have more knobs to balance with in HG than in Outwitters. For example: Brutes are really durable, so you only have 2 to use for the match. Runners are weaker, so you’ll be able to spawn 5 of them before you run out.

Both players will go in blind and have to adapt to whatever they encounter on the fly. Crafting a versatile team that works well with your playstyle is an important part of the game. Our goal is that a player who knows all of the characters’ strengths can be competitive with any random combination.


Can you tell us something about how will FTA balancing work in HG, btw? (If not included already, should be placed prominently into the Kickstarter campaign)


Current FTA balance is that P1 does their setup against an empty board. You pick 5 characters and drop them anywhere you like on your side; no moving or attacking in this setup turn. P2 then does the same in response to P1, so they can throw up a good block immediately or position some people to exploit an opening in P1’s formation.

So P2 gets a good opportunity to prepare for whatever P1 is dishing out on turn 3, when the action starts. It’s worked really well in our playtesting, and will obviously be very tweakable during Early Access as we get more testers in.

First mover advantage