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Space Food Truck Planets

New stuff is added to Space Food Truck every day, and we’re just finishing up our planet generation system for the upcoming beta release! We’ve been slowly pouring all of the “world-building” content in, and it’s kind of magical to see our galaxy start coming to life.

When you launch a game, our system procedurally generates a galaxy of 100 planets, hides all of the traps and ingredients among them, then determines what each planet looks like. Scramboron may be a tiny ringed gas planet one game, or a huge cybernetic planet the next!

It’s been even more fun generating volumes of flavor text to attach to each planet. As you rollover planets on your map, the Captain has attached notes that make everything feel more alive. We plan on adding as many of these as we can think of, so you guys can have fun poking around the galaxy just to see what’s there. You’ll find stuff like:

Hyrune My homeworld of born leaders. Captain is actually the lowest rank we have.

Uma Flux Population: 5. Wait, now it's six. Five again.

Arachnia A sylk rich planet mostly overrun by giant spiders. We're arming the resistance with full bellies.

P'lanett I don't recall anything interesting about this planet.

Gena Hex Their population dwindled to one, so the last Hexling turned to cloning. He wasn't their finest specimen, but I guess he is now.

We're aiming for at least 200 different planet descriptions, and we're determined to get there for the release version. If you have a good planet text idea AND we have your permission to use it in our game, post it in the comments. If we like it, we might add it in!

Thanks to everyone who’s supported our Space Food Truck Kickstarter so far! There’s only a few days left for us to reach our goal, so we’d appreciate it if you’d consider sharing or liking our facebook posts, or favoriting and retweeting us as we approach the big deadline. This game is going to be our best yet, and it’ll be even better if we can reach our funding goal!

Space Food Truck: Alpha Test Sign Ups

Are we gonna come up with Outwitter and TtL themed planets? Heck yeah we are!


Gamma Amnesia
Forgot what it was like there.

Typeface B
A planet overrun by living typewriters. Also lots of paper.

Much of the soil is invisible here, leaving nothing but the people and its resources to be seen.

Terra Tilt :bulb:
Couldn’t hold my balance there. An odd triangular entity is wiping out masses of red dots.


Chemo Aetho :smile:
An artificial planet made for someone in particular.

Sector Malus-Lacto :smirk:
Frequent disputes between apples and cheese happen often.


Alpha Centauri
Inhabited chiefly by mind worms - a small parasitic creature with a nasty habit of burrowing into and devouring the brains of visitors. One of my least favourite types of worms.

Rising sea levels following the melting of the once legendary ice caps mean that the surviving creatures are locked in a constant battle for control of the remaining landmass. Quite how the herds of one eyed elephants have managed to avoid being eaten by the amphibious killer sharks remains a mystery.


Everyone’s favorite planet because of the abundance of gemstones.

Canis Lupus
Inhabited by a dwindling population of wolves. Part of the same planetary system as Diamondoria. There used to be other planets too, but they all just kind of wandered off.

This planet features a wormhole which occasionally transports other planets to it’s side

Entire planet is covered by thorny vines which can be super annoying but are mostly harmless




Cloakia- a planet that never quite made it


Home planet of the mighty turtles … not worth the time.
Properly known as ggggggggkkkkkk. No one knows why it is named this, nor does anyone ever ask. But they have great tacos. (Password Required)
Population: 2


What, to adventageous? :smile:


Every step kills 500. Every breath causes a wind storm. Every tear fills an ocean.


These are pretty good! Here’s what I’ve added so far:

Chemo Aetho: An artifical planet commissioned by Chemoeum the Wise.
Epitaph: Check everyone’s heads for parasitic mind worms when we leave. Especially the scientist.
G’8’K’6: Pronounced ggggggggkkkkkk by the locals. Or was it ggggggkkkkkkkk?


OMG that’s awesome they got planets!!

…lacks creativity and cannot come up with anything


I still am rooting for the Post-Fuji Apple


Valentinius: Everyone was really nice at that place…


Along with the theme
Doodat: JUST DO IT.

On a more serious level (but not by much)
Middle Ground: Each choice must be made at the middle ground. Nothing gets done. Sounds like Congress.

Potato: It’s shaped like a potato, looks like a potato, and contains everything but potatoes.

Swiss Cheese: You can’t do anything but fly through the holes in this planet.

Do Not Enter: Seriously, we’re friendly! D;




New planets:

Legacy 8: A lovely planet bequeathed to the galaxy by Legacy 7.
Doodat: A campaign to rename this planet left the whole galaxy wondering, "Why would you, Doodat?"
Potato: Its pronunciation is subject to endless debate, even among the natives.

I can’t use stuff like “this planet looks like”, because with our planet generation system, they can actually look like anything.


Love it. I wish I had a cool enough username to embellish your new game with awesomeness!

(I still like my g’8-k’6 idea better than yours @oneadamleft) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Andromeda Dwarf
Apparently this planet jumped from a different galaxy millions of years ago.

Core Inversa
There’s actually another planet INSIDE of it.