Meet the Planets


Ringeria: A mysterious explorer known as “The Ringer” set out to find and name a planet of his own. It was easier than he expected.


True, but no new SFT player will get the joke


Wohoo! I got me a planet. Sure it’s inhabited by parasitic mind worms, but who doesn’t love mind worms.

Ok, so here’s another lot:

Imagine a world populated by leafy forests, verdant meadows and bubbling brooks. It’s a hell of a lot better than thinking about this dump.

Not really a planet, more a large and vaguely spheroid piece of debris that a few unambitious life forms have decided to call home.

A large gaseous planet best known for the roaring trade it does in fur coats harvested from the adorable bipeds which live on one of its many moons.


I can’t think of anything with my name either :frowning:


Haha, me too. I have really bad creativity (like everyone who’s good at math)


First planet to make a living off its very own gelatin/putty-like self sustaining world by selling their soil to children, and scientists. (insert joke about the scientist character here)

Why this joke? Here. Cough Cough

Formally known as Jupiter XLIX. After years of digging and studying the core of this oddly shaped moon surface, the rulers of the galaxy determined that this moon had enough features to be considered a planet. This planet is now home to the galaxy’s largest farmers market.

Hey, these might not be great…but at least I tried. <3


What?!?! This is awesome haha spccsc it’s kind of like a dog shelter but better?


Spatial Preservation and Conservation Campaign for Space Care. Originally a campaign to eliminate debris and toxic waste in space. However they took it way to far, offering an entire planet to the dedication and HQ of spccsc. Hundreds of years later and 57 feet below the surface, this planet is now home to the largest oil facility. Ironic? Yes, but only because they kept the planet name.

For those of you who do not know, so I don’t sound absolutely ridiculous (only partly):
-Spatial means of or relating to space (not outer-space, but space none the less)
-Those who are concerned with protecting the environment often use the words conservation and preservation

@spccsc Hope you like! I did this on a whim, off to work. Let me know if you want me to try again. I enjoy doing these! :smile:


haha i was going how my name is SPC csc so could be close to spca :stuck_out_tongue: but then again cmss… could be close to pms so lets just pretend like none of this ever happened. cough… anyway yours is much better :stuck_out_tongue:

Relliktopia: for centuries this planet has been plagued by a deadly war over a relic of great power, the platinum spork! However, once everyone realized this relic didn’t actually exist, they just flooded the whole planet and started over. Now all that stands above the sea level is one lonely island which the 3 locals call “the island”

ok ok I’m pretty bad at this, better just leave it up to the pros :stuck_out_tongue:


They really mean it.

I don’t think I’ll ever grow old of this planet.


Haha I like those a lot!


How did I miss this?!?!?! Awesome. This is probably the closest I’ll ever get to having a planet named after me. Buying 2 copies of this game now



Formally known as Great Habudabi, the name was changed when the Feedback on this planet started to decline. If they can reverse the planet’s brain drain we may one day 'Wit’ness a return to its formal Greatness.


So many ‘hidden’ references in here - one of the best yet :smiley:


Every night the people illuminate the space above with military grade laser pointers.


This is my first Post and Planet!

Name: Kumo retasu (Clouds Lettuce)


A planet of inverted low gravity and of Vegetables. A beautiful place where, if possible, you could travel around it to confirm that nothing changes. The planet holds a stable, meaningless environment, with a greatest proportion of Vegetables that, thanks to the planet’s gravitational properties, keep fresh for 5 months inside a cold store, and for 5 whole year in stasis. The towns and cities of this planet reflect with fine perfection the senseless atmosphere of the environment, as well as its odd prices. The population is not homogeneous either: here you can find from local chubby fly-like species (which have a special taste for high kitchen) to absent googly-eyed lizzards who play the role of lawyers, commanders and wardens (though they will never look at you head-on, because you know).

The most probable thing is that, if you get to discover this planet, you’ll believe to have found the key to create your Vegetables cooking empire! But also probable is that you will never take off your spacecraft as you should. In this case you should let it fall and just brake once the spacecraft has landed (this way you’ll park it better than landing in the fourth floor of a factory of hydrophonics for newborns, certainly).

What else, it was a Japanese who discovered this planet, as it seems to be. Or maybe that person just spoke Japanese. He called the name after sneezing, probably, but it is what it is. Some people say it comes from the planet’s exuberance and lushness. But personally I believe it comes from a lost soda can. Certainly…

PD: I dont sure but is necesary image of the planet? And Is it necessary to put data on the planet too? Gravity, size, temperature…

System Data:

GeForce GT 750M
Intel® HD Graphics 4600

Video RAM 4.0 GB
Pixel Shader version 5.0
Vertex Shader version 5.0

Intel® Core™ i7-4702MQ CPU @ 2.20GHz

CPU Speed
2.2 GHz

16 GB

Microsoft Windows 8 (build 9200), 64-bit

Memory: 1T


Um, you’re a little too detailed on the computer info. Everyone posted on the alpha testing thread but here seems fine too.

Also, welcome to the forums. Everyone here is really friendly and much better than most communities, and we hope you’ll stick around.


Also a little detailed on the planet info. I don’t think they can fit that much


Likely to unload a few preferences that A and A could cut into their descriptions.


Today I read on steam that they need some testers for the game. I`m really interested in helping the team to find bugs and get the best optimization possible.

PD: 2 Friends are interested in helping on the game and try it I showed them the game and they really liked the concept.