Meet the Planets



Not sure if I can post a second planet after the game has already been released, but here’s a go:


Everything in Aaaaagh! is perfectly fine, (e.g. government, diplomacy, territory, countries, etc.) and the entire planet has no outlaws. The only thing that matters to everyone on the planet is that they are always hungry, malnourished, and screaming. Aaaaagh has almost no food on it.

The only crime that has ever been committed on Aaaaagh! (several times), is cannibalism.

The leader of Aaaaagh! is General James G. Fracus, and he got there by making enough food to keep everyone alive. No one knows how he does it, but he there is a small cult of people who think that he has close work with a black market.

A miniscule group of people, in the small cult, believe that the “black market” is a actually a “food truck”. They have a food-truck-altar that they worship every night, in the hope that someday they will see the food truck, and believe that when they die, they will rise into the food truck and become able to eat food every day.

Now, these people are radical, and there is no way that a food truck could travel through space and provide food for the entire planet… Right?


Plant: nine everyone has nine fingers and are green with three eyes


Can’t be resurrecting threads that are a year old :stuck_out_tongue: