Meet the Soldier


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The Soldier class in Hex Gambit is a versatile fighter. Up close, his Multislash ability lets him distribute the damage from his melee however he wants among surrounding enemies. Dump all 3 damage into one target, or soften up 3 different enemies for 1 damage each. He also brings two other abilities to the table, because each minion in Hex Gambit has three!

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“If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!”


I’m curious to know your inspiration for the design. It looks a little like a cross between a medieval knight and a spaceman.


Looks like Super Sentai to me.


My original minion designs were deemed too medieval/generic, so I started looking at stuff like FF Crystal Chronicles, Castle Crashers, and Power Rangers (there might be a tiny bit of Tron/Gauntlet’s Revenge in there). Leaning more more toward Sci-Fi/Fantasy than a pure medieval look.


I knew I saw some Castle Crashers in there :wink:


So Is that the direction that you are taking the rest of the minions as well? It’s a neat sort of style.


I agree. I like it.


Like the full char. So impressive concept.