Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly


Mr_13en’s list

1 Gamtruly
2 Torbreck.
3 HansJoachimAa
4 Phants
5 game_taker
6 >>lewer<<
7 Aditya
8 brambleMaster
9 This Guy Always
10 BeachLanding


An outwitters ladder with the best players in outwitters in the world
Players challenge the next higher ranked player on the list and so forth until they reach the top. This is for 1v1 play only.

1 Qualifying and signing up

1.1 Sign up
You sign up by posting your In-game ID and proof* that you qualify.

  • Proof can be a link to a weekly elite list.
    1.1.1 Challenger list
    You will be placed on the challenger list when you sign up.
    1.2 Qualifying
    If you have appeared in the top 10 on a weekly elite list*, you qualify.
    *See the forum for weekly elite lists posted by staff from onemanleft
    1.2.1 Great tournament performance can qualify you. Some tournaments can directly qualify you.
    1.3 Tournament mode
    After you signed up, make sure that you have tournament mode activated.
    Tournament Mode

2 Starting a match

2.1 Challenge
You have to challenge another player to start a match.
2.1.1 You challenge by posting in the forum tread that you challenge a player.
When you write your post you have to add @”challenged player forum name”. You can withdraw your challenge before the other player accepts your challenge within 48 hours of posting the challenge. Your post is has to include the @tag.

2.1.2 A player can only challenge players that are one spot over themselves.
If you are on the challenger list, the 10 spot is the spot just over you.

2.1.3 You cannot challenge a player that is in a match.

2.1.4 There cannot be a re-match between the same two players for the same position, before either of them have played a different player. Unless the player below you does not use his chance to challenge, for more than a week.

2.1.5 You can only challenge if you have “tournament mode” activated.

2.1.6 Challengers
If you are on the challenger list you can only challenge when it is your chance.

2.2 Accepting a challenge
You accept a challenge by posting in the forum tread that you accept the challenge.
2.2.1 You have 48 hours to accept the challenge. If you do not, you will forfeit that match and drop a spot. If the forum post, where you are challenged, says 2d you forfeit.

2.3 Choosing map
Higher ranked player selects map and chooses to play as either P1 or P2.
If you pick p1 you have to start your match within 12 hours.
If you pick p2 you have tell that to your opponent. That player then has 48 hours to start the match.

2.4 Match started
The challenger has to post in the forum, before his third turn, which map the challenge is being played on and which races the two
players are using.

3 Deciding victor and posting in the forum

3.1 One game only
A match consist of one game. If higher ranked player wins, they keep their position. If lower ranked player wins, the players swap positions.

3.2 Clock is ticking
A match is considered a forfeit if counter reaches “They forfeit in 1d.” Player must post screenshot in this forum thread as proof. It also has to show a timestamp.

3.3 Tournament mode
If a player do not have tournament mode activated during a match, they lose that match.

3.4 After a match
The winner has the responsibility to post match results. However, the loser can also post match results.

3.4.1 Include a link to the match and whether you go up, down or keep your spot in the post.

3.5 Claiming victory
Players needs to claim victory when their opponents run out of time. If your opponent accept the challenge or make a move before you make your claim, your claim is not valid.
You make a claim by posting why your claim is valid and add @forumname of your opponent.

4. Challengers

4.1 New players
All new players are put on the bottom of the challenger list.
4.1.1 Players that fall of the list is placed on the challenger list

4.2 Challenge
When the player in the 10 spot has lost to player 9, a player on the challenger list gets to challenge player 10.

4.2.1 Your time to shine
The player on the top of the challenger list gets to challenge first. If that player does not challenge within 24 hours the next player on the challenger list can challenge the 10th player. Every 24 hour a new player on the challenger list can challenge nr 10. This goes on until a match has started or the bottom of the challenger list is reached.
When the bottom of the challenger list is reached all players on the challenger list can challenge the player in the nr 10 spot, until a challenge is made.

The Weekly Elite - 4/14/2017

Sign me up. I guess I fall into the top 10 before 2016, so I’ll be on the waiting list.


Sorry, my active account name is 1Cor13:4 though.


When the tourney starts, does the waiting list get to challenge, or do I have to wait until #10 finishes his match with #9?


You have to wait until their match finishes


@jpeezynumero2, @Alvendor, @Intimidation, @Belisarius, @Calabster, @Cloud, @Yukfuj5, @jesusfuentesh, @Aldostiglitz, @NightOwl, @burnodrod, @Lewer, @Random_Task, @jmarnstein @Pytosz


@GAMTRULY, @GendryStorm, @ggggggggkkkkkk, @Torbreck, @Nagibator666, @Alan_Klaus, @DeJosselin, @Uyduruk, @game_taker, @Sharugames, @sdmario, @Rcsum, @MariBK, @poweewee, @Vitessa, @EmperorTrump, @Bad_Herr_Day, @spccsc, @GreatGonzales, @Hifimatlock


Thanks, @HansJoachimAa!
Can I make one suggestion that any challenge must use the @HansJoachimAa tag so that people know they’ve been challenged without having to check the thread every day or two?


Yeah, people should do that!
Thanks for the input!


Also can you tell us the time and date this will be starting so we can try to get in as soon as possible to make those challenges before the other people hopefully?


It will start [quote=“HansJoachimAa, post:1, topic:13597”]
Thursday, March 16, 2017


But the first matches are set. You can make a challenge as soon as you are not in a match and the player over is neither in a match


Can i challenge sdmario for 11th :slight_smile:


@Sharugames There will only be played matches over the top 10 spots. Besides SDmario has not signed up. And you are on the 7th spot!


Is this still going on? =)




12 To start this tourney the following matches will be played: 10 vs 9, 8 vs 7, 6 vs 5, 4 vs 3, 2 vs 1. Matches must start within 48 hours of tourney commencement.

4 Higher ranked player chooses to play as either P1 or P2 and selects map. Higher ranked player must send invite to challenging player within 12 hours of accepting challenge.

5 Once match commences, lower ranked player must post what races and map the match is being played on to avoid confusion with any other ongoing matches with the same player.

All tourney participants must be in Tourney Mode:Tourney Mode
1 Gamtruly @GAMTRULY
2 This Guy Always @ggggggggkkkkkk
3 Torbreck. @Torbreck
4 brambleMaster @big_boss
5 BeachLanding @Alan_Klaus
6 game_taker @game_taker
7 Sharugames @Sharugames
8 HansJoachimAa @HansJoachimAa
9 cmss220 @spccsc
10 >>Lewer<< @Lewer


P1 7 Sharugames vs 8 HansjoachimAa on REAPER.
V vs A


P1 5 BeachLanding vs 6 @game_taker on Sharkfood Island


10 Lewer vs 9 cmss220…on long nine…both playing adorables