Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly


Since this list is for a dynamic one; you get promoted/demoted a rank after a single win/loss i don’t think the person should defend his title more than once from the same player before he gets his chance to challenge .
If he won on the first defend and lost on the next without getting his chance at the title it won’t be fair to him.


I think player might be happy to play one more instead of waiting more than 1 month for challenge up, player can have option to take challenge or not by consulting the rank up the status , if the upper rank said the game still have 2 months to go, he might want to play one more game. Current rule allow 2.5 days a move, assume 40 turns can play 100 days


I think players would almost never take an extra challenge if they don’t have to. If you want to play an extra game you could just play a normal friendly.
We could add this option but I don’t see how it effects the tournament in a good way. I think it also could be a source to conflict were one player cannot challenge for probably two months but won’t accept another challenge


For same player for 2 times above,
If defended 2 times with different players, still hold or not ?


The current proposals only has an restriction when challenging the same player as you last challenged. So you can defend more than 2 times, before you can challenge, if the player below you lose his spot


I’m back on the list. Do I challenge or defend first?


You get to challenge nr 9 when he is available


Don’t get too comfortable guys, once my slump is over I’ll be back!



I win , and back to post 1


Hey Hans, have you considered a second list anyone could join? I thought with the write ups you are getting in game, you might have some interest if the requirements weren’t so high.

I thought it would be cool if instead of a waiting list, you could bump players down to the lower list. The rank 1 player on the lower list then has the right to challenge upper tier list players to get on the top 10 list? I know there are some players who never made top 10 who have some game. My buddy onionknight can beat me quite a bit.

If you needed help running anything I’d be happy to assist. @Memories has beat me quite a bit but never made top 10 I believe. There are plenty of good players who deserve a shot!


Maybe i’m only good against you sometimes, but bad against everyone else :wink:


I don’t believe it!!


I have thought about different ways for players to get on the challenger list. I want a barrier to enter, but top ten does not have to be the only way to enter.
What with some kind of qualifier. Like a quick tournament. For example Round robin with up to 6 players per group and 1 person to the challenger list for every second group. Should take less than two months.
Or we could have a ladder were only the top players on that get to challenge nr 10.
Would be awesome if you @spccsc could take responsibility for some sort of qualifier.


HansJoachimAa vs. 1Cor13:4. 1Cor13:4 wins.

thanks for the exciting game.

Can I challenge Sharugames? If I can, then @Sharugames I’m challenging you.


Challenge defended !



@ggggggggkkkkkk if you are not in a game I’d like to challenge you


Oh, also @Lewer, #9 Hans is up for challenge


I’ll challenge @HansJoachimAa. The Scandinavian showdown.


Gk informed me that he is taking a break from outwitters. Not sure if he will be on the forums or not or if he will continue with the tournament.


Unless he wants to be taken of Mr_13en’s list he will just drop a spot when a player claims win.