Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly


I accept the challenge=)


Yer - it would seem that GK is afk at the moment as my challenge is at 3D now…


Do you want to take his spot or wait longer?


Hi I am taking a break from the game so you can remove me or drop me one spot at a time whichever works better


If he drops do RT and I play a game to see who is 10?


I think we then will drop you one spot at a time. That requires no new rules and players can practice to use the claim victory rule:)
And when you want to play again you might still be one the list


Hi cor

Accept your challenge but gamename doesnt work :frowning:


Did you try 1cor13:4 ?



Sorry, yeah, it is


Please try again

I can send you a friendly so you can see the name


I am switching @ggggggggkkkkkk and @Torbreck 's positions


@GAMTRULY I throw down the gauntlet!


Just started a game


Can you try again @Sharugames please


1st successful defense from me :slight_smile:
I would like to challenge whoever is on the 4th position.


@Alan_Klaus is BeachLanding


Managed to sneak a win over Gamtruly



Is he playing someone at the moment?


No, he is not playing anyone:)


So how long does he have to accept that challenge?
Am wondering it has been over 3 days since ti challenged them.


He has 48 hours to accept a challenge. But I wont give a forfeit on a challenge lacking the @ tag.