Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly


@Alan_Klaus i would like to challenge you for the 4th place


You did throw an @ symbol down 3 days ago. Just a side note, he timed out against me in a league match a few days ago. He might have gone mia


If he only read post where he is tagged he wouldn’t see the challenge. If challenges don’t have to include the @ tag every player would have to read every post. I don’t think any players want that.


It has crossed the 48hr mark. I would like a forfeit be given.


@ggggggggkkkkkk i would like to challenge you for 3rd spot


Lewer wins against HansJoachimAa. Close game.


I would like to challenge Hans for the 10 spot!! @HansJoachimAa


Is spot #8 ready to be challenged?


He is playing Sharugames


Yeah, still playing Sharugames, and my inexperience with Veggienauts is showing.

If we didn’t say already, it’s:

VvV on Reaper, he’s P1


Actually cancel my challenge please, I’ve been having to take some medicine that seems to really be messing with my head. I’ll chill in the waiting list for a week or two until I figure out what’s wrong with me and either get used to the meds or be able to stop taking them. I’ll let @Random_Task have a shot at glory before the new recruits finish my tourney and join up.


I wish you the best!


Thanks bud! Sorry I’m taking so long in our games. I’ll try to get some moves made as soon as I can but don’t want to make a hasty bad move.


I would like to claim another forfeit.


Can i challenge gamtruly?




@GAMTRULY i challenge you for 2nd spot.


Game started


I didn’t receive any invites :confused:


Actually, I think Hans could have won if on his last turn he had spawned a sniper, taken out both 3 hp soldiers by his spawn and taken out the soldier up top and hit the base to 3 up top.