Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly


I know:( I thought he would have spawned a runner, so I gave up before I moved


Sorry I sent wrong to "big boss"
I just sent to bramblemaster



After a lot of bush whacking in both sides i prefailed against cor hos challenge


Sorry, @Lewer did you still want to challenge me?


Yes. Let’s do it.


OK, I’ll send an invite soon.



Just defend #2 not want to challenge #1 @Torbreck


Sorry now , not not @Torbreck


Alright, @HansJoachimAa I’ll challenge you. For 10 spot. Let me finally give you a good match. Pick your best I will not make this easy.


Challenge Accepted - will send an invite through today


Challenge accepted :slight_smile:


Reaper A (#1) vs V (#2)


Lewer and I are playing Peekaboo, SvF


Hans vs cmss - AvA on thorn gulley


Challenge defended.



Challenge success


Hey @GAMTRULY would you mind if I started a game? I’ve always wanted to face you.

Just for fun!


Anyone called a forfeit due to rule 3.2? 1 day left rule.
I’ve won then but it is not the way I want the match to go.


I did my turn earlier today, didnt I?


Ah, but yeah, it probably did say 1d. Sorry, I think I mentioned it at the beg with Hans that on weekends I cant usuallly play, but he said the rule was just to make sure people dont purposely repeatedly delay turns.

If you want me to forfeit, I can, although you might win anyways!

Also, the game just got interesting this turn, don’t you want to play it out =)