Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly


Let’s play. Life gets busy sometimes.


Thanks! The game was just getting hot too!


I can’t wait to see this match.


Game over. Should have kept scrambler on spawn. Could have been a big difference.


Could you post a link? And does that mean that you lost?


Looks like the game isn’t over yet or never showed up on osn.


Still on. Game lost. Just needs to finish the base next turn.


Sorry, got held up and couldnt do any turns today. I will post it tomorrow.


Challenge Defended, 1Cr13:4 vs. >>Lewer<<


I challenge @Lewer for the 9th spot


I probably should have lost that game. I didn’t feel like doing the BS crawl, so I tried the @terenceshiu2005 attack. However, if I hadn’t taken out his Scrambler, or since he had 17 wits and I left too many units close to attack, he could have spawned a new scrambler instead of the sniper and I think he would have defended successfully.

It’s not often wise to attack spawn against Feedback, but I took a chance.


What do you mean by Terrance’s attack? Mass soldiers, or shifting to attack the spawn?


Mass soldiers, although the traditional implementation for Peekaboo is mass soldiers, attack spawn, then either camp spawn or shift to wit side.


Game sent


Defense successful


I’d like to challenge @HansJoachimAa when it’s convenient.


@Sharugames are you available? I challenge you if you are


Hi cor,

I was waiting to challenge game-taker and hadn’t noticed he was free.

If I loose you can challenge me again after.

Game-taker please send invite



It’s jammed up right now. First sharugames-gametaker then Cor vs the defeated one of that match above then I’ll challenge the defeated one of the match between Cor and the defeated one of the first match. Makes sense?


I think it would be helpful if at the first post was updated to show who is currently active in a game or not.

Also I accept your challenge, will send you a game soon.