Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly


Doesn’t someone have to defend their position twice before they are immune to challenges?

To elaborate, if someone successfully defends twice, they then can’t be challenged again until they have a chance to challenge the position above theirs.

I thought that was the rule, but maybe that’s just a rule that was considered but never was officially made a rule?

The first post basically states that if 9 defends 10, the same player 10 can not challenge 9 again until 9 has a chance to challenge 8.
But what happens when: 9 defends 10, then someone from the waiting list challenges 10 and wins. There is then a new player 10 and he challenges player 9? Let’s say all this happens before 8 is free to be challenged.

This has been brought up before, and it could be an issue and really plug things up.


I haven’t updated the rules but I will.
There is a own rule for the 10th position [quote=“HansJoachimAa, post:1, topic:13597”]
4.2 Challenge
When the player in the 10 spot has lost to player 9, a player on the challenger list gets to challenge player 10.


You can’t just tell him to wait, he have made a correct challenge. We discussed this earlier and had a vote about how the rules would be.


I don’t want to edit that post each time a match finishes/starts. But I will look into a solution.


Challenge accepted


Sorry, so what is the verdict then? I don’t mind waiting, since Sharugames was waiting on gametaker. But at the same time, I don’t want to be challenged until I play the next one up…so that makes this a strange situation.


I’m sorry for my confusion but did we ever decide on 1 defense or 2 defense immunity until after you are able to challenge? The rule hans posted doesn’t really address this or answer it clearly.

I’ll be on the waiting list forever because hans keeps picking my worst map!!! :rage::rage:


Your challenge against @Sharugames is valid. And therefore Sharugames challenge against @game_taker is unvalid.


Hi @GAMTRULY it’s been a week since our game and as I haven’t been challenged I would like to challenge you.


I’m going to withdraw my challenge. @HansJoachimAa I’m going to be taking a break until at least September.


Opened a game


We played TG once:)


Hi cor,

Would be ready for your challenge if you still want to play



Since cor withdrew his challenging I’m going to assume Sharu’s was valid.

Defended vs Sharugames.

@Alan_Klaus are you open for a challenge?


If @Cor134 doesn’t want to, I’ll challenge you.


No, I’m out until September, Hans can just push me down the list as I get challenged.


@Sharugames I challenge you then


You can only challenge the player right above your position. So lewers challenge against @Sharugames is unvalid.


So I have to challenge Cor again then.
Move me past Cor then, unavailable.


If a player states they are unavailable for matches for a long period of time it might be advantageous to drop them to the waiting list to save time. A player from the waiting list could then challenge player 9 and the loser of that match could take the number 10 slot?

However if a player is unavailable for a short period of time maybe they could drop naturally as the challenges come in?