Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly


You should have added the @tag, but since I know he is on a break I will allow it. @game_taker @ggggggggkkkkkk


My bad, I’ll do that next time.


Challenge defended against cmss220.


I challenge @Cor134 for the 9th spot.


I claim victory against @Cor134 and gets his spot.
The tenth spot is now possible to challenge @Cmss220 @Phants


I challenge @Sharugames for the 8th spot


There is now only one match on going between Torbreck and Gamtruly, everyone else is up for challenge. @game_taker @Sharugames @Cor134 @BeachLanding @big_boss @Lewer


I challenge @Cor134 for the 10th spot


I challenge beachlanding then @Alan_Klaus


I challenge bramblemaster @big_boss


BrambleMaster is @big_boss. Bigboss you have been challenged by game_taker


I claim victory against @Sharugames due to timeout. I get his spot


I claim the win over @Cor134 due to timeout to take 10th spot


I challenge @Sharugames for 9th spot




Accept your challenge Phants, you can go 1st and chose map but you’ll have to beat me for my spot :slight_smile:


I want some speed in the claiming so I give myself the right to give victory to a player. Even if they didn’t claim it.
@Lewer wins againt @Alan_Klaus and
@game_taker wins against @big_boss due to exceding the two day timelimit to accept a challenge.


Excellent @sharugames I’ll start tonight…if I can decide what map. Delighted to get my first match, hope i can give you a good game.


I challenge @Alan_Klaus for his spot


I challenge @ggggggggkkkkkk