Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly


I challenge @game_taker


challenge accepted will send invite later tonight


Game_taker vs HansJoachimAa FvF on foundry


Phants win against @Sharugames on glitch.

I claim 9th position

Gg, I thought I was on the ropes pinned back by 2 bombshells in strong positions but spotting the sniper move up in turn 26 / 27 turned the game around.


I challenge @Alan_Klaus / Beachlanding for 8th spot


Fun game to watch !


Nice one!


I claim victory over @Alan_Klaus (beachlanding) for 8th place by forfeit.

Just catching up on the recent replays and really enjoyed both @Torbreck vs @game_taker and @HansJoachimAa vs @lewer

Good games all!


Only Gamtruly, Torbreck, game_taker and HansJoachimAa are in a match. So @Sharugames, @Phants, @Cmss220, @big_boss and @ggggggggkkkkkk can challenge



Defend success


I challenge @ggggggggkkkkkk for 7th spot.

Come on, you must be ready for a comeback now…or bored of playing scallys?


Just sent you a game!


Game started

@ggggggggkkkkkk v @Phants on Peekaboo
Feedback v Adorables



Spot defended


@Lewer, @big_boss, @Sharugames and @Cmss220 can challenge. Correct me if I am wrong though


I’ll challenge you then


Think so, @ggggggggkkkkkk vs me in the match for 7th still going steadily at >20 turns in on Peekaboo…no immediate end in sight (as far as I can tell anyway)


I think @game_taker can also challenge? Not sure about @torbreck - does he need to defend 2nd before he can challenge again?


Yes, both can challenge
@game_taker and @Torbreck can challenge. Torbreck can challenge due to rule 2.1.4


@Phants @Lewer @game_taker @Torbreck @ggggggggkkkkkk @big_boss @Alan_Klaus @Sharugames @Cmss220

Since there is no activity I have decided that Mr_13en’s List will end 31.12. Any new challenges cannot be issued after that.