Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly


righto - one last push for the summit then - @GAMTRULY - you are challenged!


Believe it or not but @ggggggggkkkkkk and I are still slugging it out on peekaboo for 7th place!


Which map you prefer?


I’m going to Veto Foundry and TG. You pick from the remainder :slight_smile:


How about sweetie plains?


Sure thing - let’s go.


Opened game on SP



That’s a recent game i just gave up, in turn 39, his special attack first and seems know can kill all my 1 health snippers, is that very big gambling?


I will stop playing 1 vs 1 for awhile , and playing the existing one with torbreck only


I challenge game_taker. @game_taker


I challenge @Sharugames


I claim spot
Due to forfeit


@Phants win over @ggggggggkkkkkk by timeout - after 40+ turns of beating each other to stalemate on peekaboo.

I claim 7th place


I challenge @big_boss / bramblemaster for 6th spot


I challenge @Alan_Klaus


I claim Game_takers spot due to forfeit. @game_taker


I claim spot 9
Due to forfeit

I challenge
Please tell me you up for another match .


I claim @big_boss / bramblemaster’s slot by forfeit.

I challenge @Lewer for 5th place


Ok. Game sent


Great, will start tonight